Headwise Developments was established in 2010 with the aim of providing a platform for Educators to maximise who they are in their classrooms and become more capable and committed stakeholders in their profession.

Originally, a provider of generalised classroom resources, members of Headwise Developments have taken heed of Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga's emphasis on the need for large-scale, collaborative and substantive changes in learning experiences in every school across South Africa.

The South African Council of Educators' mandatory professional development points programme further emphasises the need to support Educators in addressing long-standing difficulties in the classroom and in the schooling system.

With just 380,000 registered Educators to teach over 12-million learners, it is vital that collaboration in achieving the proposed objectives in Education, be prioritised.

As a stakeholder in the NDP's Vision 2030 objectives and with the progress being made in Southern Africa in the strengthening of Broadband infrastructure and more effective wireless accessibility, Headwise Developments now offers fully-accredited on-line development courses in addition to the usual on-site training and classroom resources.

Our training courses are carefully researched and accredited by SACE to ensure needs are identified and met and designed to motivate, uplift and model for Educators in a practical way using practical classroom resources, how to make full use of their knowledge to teach creatively and productively. Our training courses contain content of a Critical Thinking Skills (practical and thought-provoking) nature and provide the skills that are easy to implement back into the classroom environment.

Headwise Developments has a large complement of multi-disciplinary Professionals available to facilitate all training and development needs accross all sectors.